Build a Foundation for Professional Development

Build a Foundation for Professional Development

The notion of success changes over time, influenced by factors such as industry, location, and personal preference. No matter what the context, however, success is dependent on continuous growth. Ongoing development is part of the Project 30 ethos. There are several ways we focus on improvement.

Healthy habits keep us going in the right direction. Even things that seem insignificant, such as our morning routines, help us stay focused even in the face of challenges. They also save valuable energy, because they remove the need to expend effort making hundreds of small, daily choices. With the right habits, we save our brainpower for the things that matter most.

Learning is the backbone of Project 30. It allows us to keep our skills sharp, and to stay on the edge of innovation. We even find lessons in unexpected places, such as when we fall short of expectations. If something doesn’t go right, we make a point to learn from it and apply our newfound knowledge in the future. In this way, even difficulties get us closer to success.

Not surprisingly, staying positive is a sure avenue to personal and professional improvement. As William James said, “If you can change your mind, you can change your life.”  An optimistic attitude not only fuels motivation – it spreads to everyone around us, and Project 30’s headquarters get even brighter.

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