Decision-Making Habits of Great Leaders

Decision-Making Habits of Great Leaders

Becoming successful business leaders is our ultimate goal here at Project 30 HQ. That’s why we study the most respected managers to learn the strategies that power their prosperity. Here are a few common behaviors we’ve discovered that help top-flight leaders make good decisions:

• Clarifying Purpose: The best managers keep core values in mind as they study possible outcomes of big decisions. By doing so, they make sure their choices serve the best interests of their team members and larger company goals. They’re also careful to explain the logic behind the decisions they make.

• Gathering Input: We’ve also learned that the most effective leaders don’t rely solely on their own knowledge when they face pivotal choices. Instead, they gather as many different viewpoints as possible to see the bigger pictures of what their decisions mean.

• Seeing Opportunities: Being proactive is something we stress around the Project 30 office, and it’s a trait that serves the best managers well when making tough decisions. They’re able to spot opportunities others might miss. This allows them to choose the best paths. Rather than wait for circumstances to demand action, they get in front of situations to position their teams for optimal success.

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