The Most Effective Networking Techniques

The Most Effective Networking Techniques

We take pride in our extensive Project 30 contact lists, as well as the strategies that help us build them. The professional alliances we’ve forged continue to help us reach our highest goals. Here are the most effective techniques we’ve learned through our networking experiences.

Before we attend any type of networking event, we set clear goals for what we want to accomplish. When we know how many new contacts we want to meet, for example, we don’t spend time collecting business cards simply to have more. With sharper focus for our efforts, we leave each event with productive new connections.

Focusing on each potential contact as if he or she is the only person in the room is another strategy we’ve found helpful. We don’t look at our phones or scan the area to see who else has arrived; we give our full attention to the person we’re interacting with at any given moment. It’s simply the way we want to be treated by everyone we meet, so we do our best to set the most respectful tone possible.

We also offer something of value before asking for favors or further connections during our Project 30 networking exploits. It’s essential to create a two-way value proposition, and a book recommendation or something similar is a great first step.

These techniques have significantly aided our networking efforts. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on