Essential Traits of Successful Mentors

Essential Traits of Successful Mentors

Having the right mentor in your corner is a huge asset when it comes to career advancement. We’ve seen this firsthand around the Project 30 office, especially when mentors possess the following essential qualities:

• Generosity: It doesn’t matter how much knowledge a mentor has to offer if he or she isn’t generous enough to share it. Effective coaches aren’t just open with their insights, though; they’re willing to share honest feedback that helps their mentees achieve real improvement.

• Respected by Many: We’ve also learned that the best mentors are those who have earned respect from a wide variety of people both in and out of their industries. They’re admired for their honesty, resiliency, and overall competence. The fact that these traits often rub off on their protégés makes them even more important.

• Positive Attitudes: There are sure to be tough obstacles when you chase aggressive goals, so it’s essential that a mentor bring positivity to the table. We’ve benefitted from mentors who push us across the finish line here at Project 30 just as much as those who share a wide range of professional insights. Sometimes a great cheerleader is as important as a skilled teacher.

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