Megan and Taylor Promoted to Assistant Manager

Megan and Taylor Promoted to Assistant Manager

We maintain a growth culture here at Project 30, and we’re always happy to highlight our team members who achieve their advancement goals. Megan and Taylor are the two most recent promotional specialists to do so, having both been promoted to the assistant manager level.

Myke, our company’s CEO, explained, “Taylor’s best qualities that make him the perfect fit for a management role are his patience when working with others and his determination to reach his goals. He’s a great teacher who will take as much time as needed when working with others to make sure they fully understand everything.” Taylor eventually wants to run his own office as he is incredibly passionate about pushing others to be the best they can be.

Describing the attributes Megan brings to Project 30, Myke remarked, “Since coming to our firm in January of 2016, Megan has proven herself to be a strong leader with a high level of motivation to succeed in her career. She regularly goes above and beyond without being asked. Megan will be opening her own office shortly, with the ultimate goal of helping others to advance to an executive role just as she has.”

In their new roles, Megan and Taylor will be on the front line and act as bridges between the brands we represent and the public. They will have intricate knowledge of the companies we serve and be able to communicate with precision.

We’re ready to watch Megan and Taylor grow into their leadership roles. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on