Project 30, Inc. Discusses Negative Space

Project 30, Inc. Discusses Negative Space

Our team at Project 30, Inc. has always been interested in what drives creativity and genius. This study has led us to examine the importance of negative space. Most of what we see at first glance are objects and people. However, many of us frequently miss the significance of the void between – the negative spaces.

In art, negative space is often used to represent things that aren’t actually on the medium. Have you ever seen an image that would either be two lamps or a vase? That is using negative space to show something that hasn’t really been drawn.

This same concept can be applied to the world beyond art, as we have discovered at Project 30, Inc. In reality, negative space involves our brains making connections between things in order to fill in the void with information. As such, when you can learn to see the negative space in life, you will have unlocked the capability to find opportunities that others can’t see.

The key to this is in looking at an industry or solution and seeing what is not happening. For example, Uber was born from the negative space of the taxi industry. Many people are surprisingly willing to drive others around for pay but may have no interest in working with a taxi company. As such, a technological solution that empowered this revolutionized the industry.

At Project 30, Inc.,