PRESS RELEASE: Project 30 Team Embarks on Growth-Focused Business Trips

PRESS RELEASE: Project 30 Team Embarks on Growth-Focused Business Trips

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Project 30’s CEO detailed a few recent and upcoming inspiring business trips he has planned for his team members. He also outlined some benefits of listening to motivational speakers.

Travel is a significant element in the Project 30 developmental strategy. Myke, the firm’s CEO, stated, “We send our team members to all types of rewarding events, from networking conferences to exotic retreats. They’re great for stoking motivation in the workplace, because our promotional specialists compete for the right to attend these getaways. Recently, we’ve been enjoying the inspiring wisdom of Eric Thomas, who has become one of my favorite motivational speakers.”

Myke and company vice president Jami recently attended Eric Thomas’ Stay Ready conference in Los Angeles. The CEO added, “Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker whose goal is to help people transform their lives for the better. I see a lot of value in the type of mind-set he promotes, especially for our ambitious team members.”

In addition to the Stay Ready event, Myke brought 17 members of the Project 30 management team to Thomas’ Take Ownership conference in New Jersey at the beginning of December. He’s also planning to take the team to the renowned speaker’s Phenomenal Life Cruise to the Virgin Islands.

Jami remarked, “Eric Thomas is incredibly inspiring because he speaks with so much energy. He encourages you to reach your full potential by breaking the cycle of hopelessness that so many people face from day to day.” A former high school dropout, Thomas now has a master’s degree and is working toward his Ph.D. in education administration. “We like taking our team members to see Eric Thomas because he inspires you to break your bad habits in order to achieve your goals.”

Project 30’s CEO on the Benefits Motivational Speakers Provide

Seeing powerful speakers such as Eric Thomas is one of the most direct ways to inspire the best performance from team members. Myke commented, “I see real morale boosts around the Project 30 office after every motivational event we attend. Someone like Thomas is especially compelling because he has overcome so many obstacles to get where he is today. Once our people hear him speak, they’re ready to put aside anything that might be holding them back from achieving their goals.”

Motivational speakers also help their audience members gain fresh perspectives on their own lives. “Our team members apply Eric’s personal experiences to the things they’re facing,” the CEO said. “They come away from his speeches knowing they can reach their own potential if they apply what they learn to their circumstances, however different they may be from the speaker’s.”

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