The Qualities Shared by High Achievers

The Qualities Shared by High Achievers

Successful people tend to share a few key qualities, all of which we do our best to emulate as we pursue Project 30 objectives. Here are the traits we’re working to refine to reach our most aggressive career goals:

• Courage: Elite achievers confront any doubts they have, turning them into extra motivation in the process. Their courage evolves into good habits that help them push beyond their current skill sets and build upon their unique strengths. As they do so, they discover talents they never knew they had.

• Commitment: Successful people believe in themselves because they also believe in their goals. They are committed to taking the required steps to achieve their aims. This allows them to clear any hurdles along the way. We apply a similar type of focus to our goals around the Project 30 office, visualizing successful outcomes to stay motivated.

• Focus on Learning: Constant improvement is a core Project 30 value. It’s also a shared passion among the world’s most successful people, because they know there’s always something new to learn. We take advantage of every opportunity to enhance our professional knowledge. These include group training sessions, industry conferences, and spending time with accomplished mentors.

We’re making these traits key points of emphasis in our success strategy.