Reaping Rewards From the “Take Ownership” Conference

Reaping Rewards From the “Take Ownership” Conference

We travel to all kinds of conferences and seminars to expand our Project 30 horizons. These include trips to see motivational speakers in action, with Eric Thomas being one of our team’s favorites. This past December, our firm’s CEO brought 17 members of the management team with him to Thomas’ “Take Ownership” conference in New Jersey. The positive effects of the event are still being felt throughout our office.

Myke explained, “We’ve attended a few Eric Thomas events over the past few months, with each one providing fresh insights to fire our team members’ motivation. There has definitely been an increase in positive energy around our workplace. Our promotional specialists are working with each other to see how they can emulate other people’s strengths to increase their overall efficiency.”

Thomas speaks with such a high level of energy that it’s difficult not to feel more enthusiastic about reaching our full potential. Myke added, “He inspires us to break bad habits and overcome any obstacles we might face along our paths to success.”

Our CEO asserts that attending the Eric Thomas events has led to a surge in efficiency and leadership at Project 30 HQ. He remarked, “I’ve promoted three assistant managers within our firm since the December conference. We’ll be attending two more Eric Thomas conferences in Atlanta and Texas later this year. I hope our people will learn valuable insights in topics such as recruiting, training, and expansion at these events to keep our firm growing strong through 2018 and beyond.”

We’re excited to keep applying what we’ve learned at the Eric Thomas events. Check out the Project 30 Newswire feed to stay up to date on our travel exploits.