Sound Strategies for Proving Yourself Promotion-Worthy

Sound Strategies for Proving Yourself Promotion-Worthy

It takes more than just great performance in your current role to earn a promotion. You must take certain steps to position yourself for advancement, all of which are in addition to steady excellence on the job. Here are the strategies we apply around the Project 30 office to put ourselves in prime position to advance:

• Setting Clear Expectations: When meeting with our supervisors to share our goals for career growth, we try to clarify our objectives as much as possible. This is important because it builds accountability right off the bat. We gain helpful allies if we make compelling cases for ourselves.

• Following Up: After our initial meetings to discuss our objectives, we send follow-up messages that outline the progress we’re making. These notes include the action steps we’re planning to take and any we’ve already made in support of our advancement efforts. We’ve found that this technique gets us even more motivated to achieve our Project 30 career growth goals.

• Checking In: After our follow-up messages, we also have frequent check-ins with our supervisors to show that we’re serious about ongoing improvement. We make strong impressions on top decision makers through this show of dedication.

These techniques are helping us position ourselves for regular advancement. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on