Surefire Ways to Impress an Interviewer

Surefire Ways to Impress an Interviewer

We’ve become something close to interview experts through our efforts to build Team Project 30. By evaluating a wide range of potential hires, we’ve learned what makes candidates especially impressive during interviews. Here are a few things every jobseeker should do to impress hiring managers:

• Prepare to Answer Key Questions: Interviewees need to be able to discuss everything on their résumés when they meet with potential employers. For every achievement listed, candidates should be able to describe a valuable lesson learned. This shows self-awareness and commitment to constant growth.

• Deliver a Strong Pitch: The right qualifications alone won’t seal the deal for a great candidate. That’s why it’s important for jobseekers to have compelling pitches that explain why they’re the perfect fits for companies’ unique needs. When we interview people, we want to hear why they can provide value to Project 30 that no one else can deliver.

• Take Time to Think: There’s no need for candidates to blurt out responses to every question they’re asked during interviews. Taking time to gather their thoughts and give the best answers shows a sincere type of mindfulness that is attractive to hiring managers.

Keeping these key concepts in mind will help jobseekers stand out from the crowd. For more of our insights into the interview process, be sure to keep an eye on the Project 30